Biorevitalization (mesotherapy) is a procedure that helps to effectively deal with age-related skin changes. It is very popular today. Unfortunately, the aging process is irreversible, it cannot be stopped, however, the development of cosmetology allows you to fight the signs of aging and try to “move” their appearance.

Using biorevitalization (skin bio-healing), you can restore skin tone, restore elasticity, protect it from the effects of oxidation products, thereby slowing down the aging process.

The essence of the procedure is the introduction of special preparations in the form of a gel using various techniques. Facial mesotherapy has a number of undeniable advantages compared to classical mesotherapy. Firstly, during this procedure, more modern drugs are used, which allows you to even more effectively deal with all the signs of skin aging. Secondly, mesotherapy involves a much smaller number of injections (4-6 procedures instead of 8-12). This is an absolutely safe procedure that has no side effects and does not cause allergic reactions in patients.

Indications For Mesotherapy

  • decrease in elasticity, skin turgor;
  • dryness, withering of the skin;
  • the appearance of facial and small wrinkles;
  • unhealthy complexion, pigmentation;
  • “Fatigue” of the skin after winter, as a result of stress, etc.

Execution Technique

The procedure of mesotherapy or mesotherapy involves the introduction of special drugs by injection. Used drugs of a new generation of leading brands. Drugs have established themselves in cosmetology as the most effective and safe means for rejuvenating the skin and preventing the aging process and withering.

The procedure lasts 40-50 minutes, at the request of the patient, anesthetic ointment can be applied. In the presence of the patient, the doctor opens the package with the drug, which contains a syringe with the medicine and injects a strictly defined amount of the drug at specific points. The course involves 3-5 procedures with an interval of 2-4 weeks. However, when applying certain rejuvenation schemes, the number of procedures and the interval between them can vary.

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