The method of vacuum removal of limited (local) accumulations of adipose tissue from the most problematic areas. These primarily include the hips and abdomen (the inner and outer thighs — the breeches, belly, and waist), although aspiration is often used to remove excess fat in other areas of the body, even the face. For example, it can be carried out on the knees, chin, cheeks (the latter is more correctly called removal of Bisha Lumps). The result is altered contours of your body, attractive shape.

Indications For Liposuction

Excess local fat deposits that are not amenable to diet and exercise.

Operation Features

The operation is performed under local or general anesthesia. Depending on the volume of the treated zones, the duration of the operation varies from 1 to 3 hours. A hospital stay is necessary during the day.

The operation consists in breaking and removing excess fatty tissue with special tubes (cannulas) inserted through small skin incisions (up to 10 mm). Then, skin wounds are sutured with a hidden suture and sealed with a plaster. On areas that underwent liposuction, put on special compression underwear.

Important: liposuction is not an option for easy and quick weight loss, it is a way of body shaping! In the presence of excess weight with preserved proportions, a diet with a decrease in the calorie content of the diet, exercise, and in the presence of cellulite, cosmetic procedures are recommended. Liposuction is indicated only with significant physically incorrigible conservative method deficiencies.

Postoperative Period

The pain can be expressed from slight to moderate, with any manifestations it is successfully corrected by painkillers. The duration of pain in some cases lasts up to 7 days. Within 3-4 days after surgery, a slight increase in body temperature is allowed. Edema lasts from 2 weeks to 2 months. Possible decrease in sensitivity in the operated areas.

Removal of sutures is performed on 5-7 days. Within 7 days after surgery, avoid bathing. Return to work, as a rule, occurs in 1-2 weeks. Physical activity should be limited to 1 month. The final result can be evaluated after 6 months.

During the first two months after liposuction, fluctuations in the change in the outline of the operated area are possible, both in the direction of decreasing volumes, and the opposite side. This is due to the recovery processes occurring in the treated areas – swelling, skin contraction, the formation of connective tissue.

During the first two weeks, it is necessary to constantly wear compression underwear, in the third week it is allowed to remove it during bedtime. In the subsequent period, regarding the wearing of compression underwear, it is necessary to comply with the recommendations of your doctor. Massage in the form of lymphatic drainage or ultrasound on the surface of the skin, as well as exercises in the pool, have a beneficial effect on the recovery processes, these procedures are allowed starting from the third month after the operation.

The operation gives an optimal result while maintaining a relatively constant weight. With significant weight gain by the patient, the result, as a rule, worsens. However, in this case, in the places undergoing liposuction, new adipose tissue is deposited more moderately.

A successful operation eliminates psychological discomfort and has no complications, provided that the recommendations of your plastic surgeon are followed throughout the recovery period.

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